Signs Before An Earthquake Happens – Pay attention to your body’s alarms

Many people are looking for signs before an earthquake occurs, to quickly evacuate their houses. In this report, we will present the results of a report published by Nature Health Techniques, which explains the physical symptoms that the patient feels before the earthquake.

Signs before an earthquake

And about the signs before the earthquake occurred, the study, published by Sky News, quoting the Nature Health Techniques magazine, included the physical symptoms that a person feels before an earthquake occurs, as the person must follow up on his body’s alarms well throughout the day, and here are the most prominent physical symptoms.

earthquake symptoms

The Nature Health Techniques magazine indicated that the symptoms of an earthquake, which occur before it occurs, are severe headaches, which are the result of an increase in positive ions in the air, which leads to a decrease in the neurotransmitter hormone serotonin in the head, which leads to a feeling of headache, and some other symptoms, which be as follows:

  • A person may feel a severe headache before the earthquake.
  • The individual also feels very dizzy.
  • He also feels nauseous.
  • He may feel very upset and anxious
  • He also feels unable to control himself.
  • There may be temporary vision changes.
  • There is also a muscular tremor in the hand or feet for a short time.
  • In addition to ringing in the ear.

How does an earthquake affect a person?

And about how the earthquake affects people? There are many previous symptoms felt by the people of Turkey and Syria, when the earthquake occurred at the beginning of February, as they confirmed that some they felt before the earthquake occurred were headache, dizziness, as well as severe nausea.

How do you prepare for earthquakes?

About how to prepare for earthquakes? There are many things that a person must follow, when an earthquake occurs, or when he feels the previous symptoms, knowing that the symptoms and the earthquake there is no big difference except for a few seconds, so you must deal calmly and try to evacuate the house from members your family and pets, and you must do the following:

  • Put cats, animals, or birds inside their cage and take them and drop off your family.
  • Be calm and stay away from the walls.
  • You can sit under the table if there is no time to go out.
  • You must extinguish fire sources such as gas or butane gas, as well as the heater.
  • Try to reassure the children and make them feel safe.
  • But if you are outside the house, try to stay away from buildings and be in gardens or an area with trees, and stay away from lampposts.
  • Avoid driving in tunnels, bridges, or bridges.
  • Do not use the elevator during an earthquake.
  • After the earthquake occurs, if you find that the house is in a shaky state, you must immediately leave the house, as it is at risk of falling.
  • Earthquakes may occur after the earthquake, so you must be psychologically prepared.