Tips to avoid the dangers of using mobile phones in the dark

Smartphones have become one of the important things in the lives of individuals, as they are used in all areas of life, whether social, entertainment, or others, so their use is necessary, but despite that, some people use them for long hours throughout the day, especially before going to sleep, which may cause They have many damages, and as a result, in this report, we review several tips to avoid the dangers of this.

Tips to avoid the dangers of the phone while sleeping

Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, a professor of ophthalmology and ophthalmology, said in a previous television interview on the “Al-Hakim in Your Home” program, which is shown on the CBC screen, that using the mobile phone for long periods harms and exhausts the eyes, especially for children, because the smaller the size of the screen that the person looks at, fatigue occurs. The muscles and lens of the eye, lead to poor vision.

A professor of ophthalmology advised people that they should close their eyes at least every half hour or an hour while rubbing the eyelids gently in order to secrete the excess oily substance in the secretion of tears, which constitutes a layer of protection for the eye, stressing the need for sufficient space between the person and the mobile phone.
The dangers of watching mobile phones for children

Ghoneim warned against watching or using mobile phones or television, especially children while sleeping, because this constitutes double pressure on the eyes, and parents should limit the period during which the child watches electronics, which should not exceed an average of only two hours per week.