Why well-being at home is necessary in 2022?

Taking necessary actions through planned activities & mindset to achieve that happiness & content in your life is well-being. The concept of well-being differs for each individual. You need to figure that out for your own good.

The chaos our world is at right now demands some moments of peace, tranquility & happiness to keep our mind & body in good spirits.

Some of the key factors associated with well-being are;

  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • Content
  • Passion
  • Achievement

We are living in desperate times. Where everyone is running after some illusion. Nobody has enough time to analyze the quality of life they are spending.

Trust me the clock is ticking faster than ever. So below are some reasons to take the initiative of your well-being before it’s too late.

Intensive availability of information

The mass media might have connected the globe.

but at a higher personal risk.

Disturbing news reaches our home.

Not only affecting our mental state but also manipulating the way we think. Some news went so deep inside our mind ultimately converting into traumas. As we aren’t in control of what is reaching us.

Social Media

Social media is a power. A power uncontrollable, is the most dangerous thing.

The number of platforms are increasing daily. With the pressure building to be a part of every platform.

As social media is all about being perfect. Influences, influencing us into inferiority and mental health issues. As when life hits we are alone.

Many researchers have found a strong link between depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts with increased social media usage.

Time Loop

So we all are stuck in our own time loops. and with the time running faster than ever before. Years are converting into months and months into days.

Most of us don’t even find time for a good movie, chit chat, walk or paying a visit to friends & family.

We are consumed by our unbreakable routines with no coming back. So thinking why we are so miserable right now.

Social Race

Yes! we are the participants in a race where nobody ever wins.

Currently the social comparison & competition has gone beyond limits. With everyone trying to succeed.

From a home to job, car, dress and even friends all of us are competing with each other. The essence of satisfaction completely lost. As brands manipulated the material as the standard for living and hapiness.


The increasing use of social media, time limits & social competition has made it impossible to live a satisfactory life.

The mental, social & financial well-being is compromised daily for the sake of societal gains.

In such circumstances taking action for well-being has become the greatest need. Raising awareness and providing means to achieve that at the comfort of your home is the need of time.

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