What are the real causes of osteoporosis in women? ..  A consultant answers

What are the causes of osteoporosis in women? An important question that occupies the minds of many women is whether Osteoporosis is one of the most common causes of joint pain in women, which may cause very severe and disturbing pain in the event of fractures or bone rupture. So, during this report, we will learn about the causes of osteoporosis in women.

What are the causes of osteoporosis in women?

In order to answer the question, “What are the causes of osteoporosis in women?” Dr. Ahmed Shafiq, a consultant in orthopedics, fractures, and artificial joints, explains that women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis than men, pointing out that this is due to many reasons, the most prominent of which are:

  • Women’s entry into menopause
  • with the occurrence of hormonal changes such as a lack of estrogen.
  • in addition to a lack of calcium in the bones as a result of changes in pregnancy and childbirth.

Advice for people with osteoporosis

Dr. Ahmed Shafiq provides advice to those suffering from osteoporosis, especially women, on how to protect themselves from the damages of osteoporosis through the following:

  • commitment to non-violent exercise
  • Continuous good exposure to sunlight is beneficial to the body.
  • In addition to taking nutritional supplements that contain calcium and vitamin D,
  • You should also get rest in the event of back bending or shoulders and spine bending, with the need to consult a specialist doctor.

Does osteoporosis cause pain?

And about whether osteoporosis causes pain? The consultant for orthopedic surgeries, fractures, and artificial joints confirms that usually, osteoporosis does not cause pain in patients except when it occurs until they are exposed to a fracture or when one of the bones is ruptured; here the patient begins to feel severe and continuous pain for a long time, and from the most severe pain that results from a fracture in the spine.

How do you know that you have osteoporosis?

In order to answer the question of “How do you know that you have osteoporosis?” the majority of medical specialists mention that a person can know that he has osteoporosis in the following cases:

  • when exposed to fractures in the bones.
  • or the patient’s suffering from persistent pain in the bones.
  • Also, sometimes when a collapse occurs in the bones of the spine, the patient will not feel pain at first, but during the later periods, he may feel back pain that worsens when standing or walking.
  • It is also possible to know and measure bone density through a device that uses low levels of x-rays to determine the percentage of minerals in the bones.

This is a painless test, during which the patient lies on a padded table and a scanner is passed over their body.

It should be noted that in most cases of osteoporosis, only specific bones are examined, usually the hip bones and also the spine.