Things women can do to live the life they love


Women are often forced to act certain ways and to do certain things because of societal pressures. Even though women have really made strides in the  world, they are still constantly being told that they are not doing it right. This article discusses few ways how you can be the woman you want to be, not the woman other people want you to be.

Things women can do to live the life they love.

There are a lot of women who have achieved outstanding things in every area. While they may have succeeded on the big stage, they’re like everyone else – human and normal! Everything they have achieved is all down to their love for themselves. If you want to start inspiring yourself to be the best version of you, what you need to focus on today is being a better version of yourself as it’s important not only for your professional life that applies for any kind of environment but also for your personal life and health.

Don’t let anyone put you down.

There will be many other people that surround you throughout your life. And while there will always be people saying great things about you and telling you how awesome they think you are, the most important thing is to not forget to listen to yourself. People might say some nice things or criticize in a way that makes it seem as if what they have to say is worth more than your own opinion of yourself, but keep in mind that nobody knows you better than you do yourself – so don’t let anyone get in the way of those moments where you feel most confident.

Value your relationships.

It’s important to know that relationships are crucial to a healthy business especially with your customers and co-workers. So, work on strengthening those ties further by understanding the value of being real. Explore how you can allow others to see the best of who you are while making sure you fully respect them in turn as well. It will only benefit everyone in your life and therefore, also help your business grow!

Know your worth.

The better you know yourself, the more confident you’ll be in what you can accomplish on your own – which means that others won’t be able to take advantage of you so easily. The clearer you are about who makes up the people around you, and how they truly feel about your character and behavior, the less likely they will manipulate or attempt to exploit any aspect of your individuality.

Love yourself.

Being a woman is one of the greatest blessings in this world, and it’s important to remember that no matter how bad things get during our lives, we will always be strong because of how powerful our inner selves really are. Sure, we must help influence others by being more kind, loving and considerate. We are all here on earth to learn new things so why not consider yourself as your own student? With everything you learn about yourself over time, internally learn to love yourself even more and maybe find something new you never noticed before!

Don’t let stereotypes limit your potential.

In addition to everything we’ve already discussed, it’s important as a female entrepreneur not to fall for the stereotypes that society may be trying to pull you into. You are your own person with thoughts and desires of your own – so don’t let people tell you what they think a woman should do or be like!

Things women should stop doing

As a woman, there are some things which we can burst out from, things society has configured on us because of our gender. We should stop doing this things because can never live a fufilled lide if we’re always trying to pull our own selves down by pointing out what’s wrong with each other? It’s important for women to start working on improving one another instead of cutting each other down every chance we get!

Self-pity and making yourself feel small 

When we go through the process of opening up ourselves to the world, women tend to diminish their sense of identity and agency. Through this process, we often rob ourselves from a great part of our strength, choices and end up feeling small as a way of self-preservation. Although it might feel like an impossible task at times, this is not right! We should never have to make ourselves smaller than we truly are by changing our appearance to fit into society’s negative perception of an ideal model woman.

Displeasing your self to please others

 Do we view ourselves as less than others? Is it really selfish to prioritize your needs over those of other people in moments that directly affect the foundation which determines your identity? Do you feel like a burden when others seek comfort from you and contribute more than what you can offer them in return? Are you tired of trying hard for something that feels out of reach without even having a chance to rest or properly recover from previous efforts made towards the same goal? As women, we should learn to prioritize our selves and needs before others. Sometimes, the compromising nature should take it’s place and sometimes, we should be adamant on what we want.

Feeling uncomfortable about yourself, your body, your identity 

Your body, who you are, your identity and all the things that make you who you are are a key component of the unique puzzle, being assembled as you meet others at different times in your life. We’re like puzzles made up of whacky pieces most of the time! We don’t try to fit all our peculiar and perfect pieces in one place. Instead, we try our best to recognize them for what they are – extraordinary.

Things every woman should try at least once in lifetime

There are a lot of things that every woman should try at least once in her life. For one, every woman should try to be independent and self-sufficient. This means being able to take care of yourself emotionally and financially. This doesn’t mean being wealthy or famous, but simply having something that you’re passionate about and that you’re good at.

Speak up for herself

Many women hesitate to act for fear of offending people or coming across as too confrontational. Acting all cool is necessary but boundaries should be set. Women should be able to stand up and defend themselves through their voice

Make a grand gesture

Expressing your appreciation towards loved ones can be difficult, but in the end it can really pay off. This holiday season make sure to let those around you know just how much they mean to you and the effort that goes into something like a big gift, a surprise weekend getaway or a large party in their honor will surely express exactly what your heart wants inside.

Eat alone at a restaurant

It can be somewhat intimidating to eat alone at a restaurant, particularly since your thoughts will inevitably wander towards whether or not other diners are staring in your direction. However, there are several benefits of dining by yourself such as enjoying some quiet time to read or even meditate over the nutritious meal you’ve worked so hard to order during a busy day in which very few mealtimes managed to get through unscathed.

Write a personal essay or blog

 Writing in general can be very therapeutic, and it’s an amazing way to show gratitude on a daily basis. At a point in life, you should write a personal essay or blog, explaining your current life situation, how far you’ve come and what you intend achieving

Give a speech

Anywhere you go, anytime you speak, always remember to give your words weight. Be bold and express yourself — that is the mark of a true leader! If you want something to happen, start it — no one will take notice unless they hear you first.


Women should be able to live well in the society, in fact, they are the most significant part of the society that makes the society took its unique shape. Women are the symbol of care, love, and family. Therefore, their contribution to the society is very important.  In addition, they have the power to heal and hurt. Nowadays, women are facing many problems in the society, whether they are politic or social. They are being treated as second-class citizen and they don’t have the right to make decisions and to do jobs independently. Nowadays, women have the right to have their own rights, to have the right to education, and to have the right to vote. They are now independent and they have their own jobs. However, they are still treated as the second-class citizen. The government is not doing enough to give the women equal rights. Therefore, women should be able to live well in the society