How do you overcome your fear of being in large crowds?

Some people have a social personality that does not fear gatherings or talking to people they do not know, and there are those who have the opposite personality—personalities that have difficulty integrating with their surroundings, especially if they are unfamiliar to them.

If you are one of those with a shy personality who feels anxiety and fear in the presence of others, it may be useful for you to review these tips from the American “Life Hack” website:

First fear: I can’t speak.

You may not know what to talk about, and since she is in the middle of a crowd, you may not find any conversations or words that might help her with that.

The truth:

It is important that people do not remember everything that was said, but they remember more and more what was felt then, and for this reason, fear must be controlled while developing the skill of listening and a sincere interest in what is being said.

Fear 2: People might think I’m a boring girl.

The truth:

People from different opinions. Whether the girl is shy or not, people will speak in both cases, and for this reason, it is possible to control fear while helping people form a better opinion by making the girl see her with her true personality and as she is without falsification; if the girl thinks people will judge her negatively, she assumes both their intentions and wrong judgments in return.

Third fear: I’ll be embarrassed if I say the wrong thing.

The truth:

This is a normal thing that happens to everyone, and this fear can be controlled by looking at these mistakes as an opportunity to show everyone that the girl does not take things seriously and that it is normal for some to make mistakes.

 How do you work to overcome your fear?

Avoid comparisons:

should try to control your shyness so as not to miss some wonderful friendships and experiences, and for this, you should avoid comparisons between yourself and any other person who is able to speak without shame.

be careful:

The girl has to watch the bold people and how they talk comfortably with others to learn what is wrong with what she is doing and to know the skills that need to be learned for the development of her personality.

ask questions:

Every person likes to express his or her opinion and point of view on a matter. If the girl asks some questions, this would be a good way to start a conversation and at the same time reduce the focus on it.