Benefits of sesame oil for hair.. Resists premature graying and treats precipitation

Dr. Baher Al-Saeed talked about the benefits of sesame oil for hair, explaining that Sesame oil is one of the most essential oils that resist premature graying of hair, as it reduces the appearance of gray hair, given that it is one of the elements rich in fatty acids that are beneficial to hair.

Benefits of sesame oil for hair

Dr. A scientific reason is known for the effect of sesame on hair graying, likely the effect of sesame oil due to its containment of fatty acids, or vitamin A, indicating the benefits of sesame oil as follows:

Premature Graying:

Using sesame oil in hair treats hair graying and prevents its early appearance. It also works to preserve the hair’s natural color, as it combats the accumulation of chemicals, thus delaying the appearance of gray hair.

Treatment for hair growth and prevention of hair loss:

Sesame oil contains many vitamins, including vitamin A, which helps prevent hair loss, facilitates hair growth, and increases blood circulation in the scalp.

Prevention of head insects:

Sesame oil works on the Prevention of head insects, in addition to that, sesame oil treats fungal and bacterial diseases that affect the scalp. Excessive use of hair straighteners or hair dryers for styling, and thus the oil works to moisturize the hair and nourish the follicles. Dryness of the scalp and itching may occur due to dandruff, or the presence of a fungus that has affected the scalp, and therefore sesame oil is an effective ingredient that maintains hair health and prevents dandruff and hair loss.