Are you trying to be Rich?, so you have to read this!

Success means being happy, not how much money you have, this is one big game of happiness but are you patient enough? and are you secure and have enough self-esteem to go through the process of eating the dirt to get to a place of happiness,

success my friends needs to stop being talked about how much money you have it needs to be talked about how many smiles you put on your face, if you spend money on you don’t need you’re gonna lose, if you buy those things to impress other people you already lost,

Please try to build a business around the thing that you would do getting paid for it because it’s the only thing that you’re gonna work hard enough that because you actually like it, almost everybody fails because of their intentions they start businesses for the accepts, everything that runs through their mind is what’s in it for me how do I maximize my it could be like for me how is it going to be good for me the only way to succeed in the world we live in is to actually be consumer essentially the singular reason that my content has worked whether it was wine for the first six years of my career the last 30 years, or it’s been business over the last eight years has worked, is because before I post any piece of content in my mind I think about how is this gonna be valuable to you?

I believe that 98% of the people by too much dumb, people end up buying cars and houses and clothes that they can’t afford to impress people that they don’t even like, is the great epidemic in our society if you’re not like loving life before you try to figure out the hook or the secret before you think about that go home and look at your credit card bill and stop buying dumb, because when you don’t buy gum that money stays in the bank and you can do something with your life we have a ridiculous opportunity you just need to see it.

How is this singular piece of content going to bring any value to you, it’s a piece of content that I hope brings out which that creates a relationship with us, take the end, period , the end.

Take step back and understand what you’re doing with yourself, what makes you happy, Are you trying to be rich because you wanna stick it to your parents or everybody else that said that you couldn’t, or are you trying to do something cause you actually like it, are you trying to be rich because you want to go buy whatever to create a perception that you’re happy? or do you actually want to be happy?.

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