9 tips for a healthy diet.. Not watching TV while eating is the most important

How can I have a healthy diet without any side effects? This is a question on the minds of many who want to lose weight, and this question is answered by Dr. Israa Amin, a specialist in clinical nutrition, obesity, and thinness, by referring to a set of tips to help implement a healthy diet without problems or harm.
Tips for a healthy diet:

Eat three main meals a day.

Dr. Israa Amin stressed the need to eat three main meals a day at regular times in order to raise the rate of burning in the body, as eating one meal a day makes the body feel hungry and thus reduces the rate of burning to preserve the stock it has.

Eating with a small spoon

Dr. Israa Amin advised using a fork or small spoon when eating to increase the number of times you eat, and thus the brain gives a signal to the body of satiety after eating a small amount of food. In addition, chewing slowly gives a quick sense of satiety.

Not watching TV while eating

It is preferable not to watch TV while eating, as Dr. Israa Amin indicated because eating while watching TV attracts attention and thus delays the feeling of satiety.

Drink water before eating.

Therapeutic nutritionists and obesity and underweight specialists stated that in order to follow a healthy diet, it is better to drink two cups of water before eating, as it helps to increase the sense of satiety, increase the body’s burning rate, prevent water storage in the body, and rid it of toxins.

Eat complex carbohydrates.

Israa Amin said that it is better to eat complex carbohydrates. Such as bread from an unknown source, oatmeal, and nights, because they help to feel full for long periods of time, unlike simple carbohydrates. Like foods made with white flour that increase the feeling of hunger.

Avoid soft drinks.

Israa Amin stressed the need to refrain from consuming soft drinks because they are full of high calories that increase weight quickly, in addition to being full of sugar, which increases the feeling of hunger and thus weight gain.

Eat the salad layer before eating.

And she advised the clinical nutritionist that it is necessary to eat the salad dish before eating and not during it because eating the salad before eating helps with satiety and therefore the person does not eat a large amount of the main meal.

Playing sports

Exercising regularly is one of the important tips for a healthy diet, as it helps to raise the burn rate and thus lose weight easily, and there is no need to exercise vigorously; just walking daily helps to do that.


Eat dinner three hours before bedtime to help the body burn and prevent storage because the rate of burning in the body decreases in the evening.